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August/September Newsletter

Hello everyone,

We hope everyone's enjoying their last moments of summer!

Summer Event Recap: Flavours of Summer + Raffle Event

Across Generations has successfully completed Flavours of Summer. Feel free to check out our complete recipe book with this link: Recipe Book. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to making this event successful.

We have also wrapped up the Raffle Event in August. The winners have been announced on our Instagram stories. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Raffle Event!

The lucky winners are:

  1. Healthy Eats Gift Card – Lauren Fong

  2. Starbucks Gift Card – Leo Cui

  3. COBS Bread Bakery Gift Card – Kevin Yeo & Cherin Lee

September Event: Bottle Drive

Across Generations is excited to announce that we will hold a Bottle Drive event in September! The Bottle Drive event will occur the day after FOCO, on September 25th. Please feel free to collect cans and bottles until September 25th. Our executive team will pick up the cans and bottles from the addresses provided by you!

What are we collecting?:

  • Cans that are non-punctured.

  • Green glass bottles

  • Brown glass bottles

We are also recruiting volunteers for this event! We are looking for bottle sorters, bottle counters, or drivers to collect the bottles.

How to participate:

Please email us by Saturday, September 24th if you would like to participate.

Across Generations Pets

We are starting a fun series for our monthly newsletter! We will introduce some of the lovely pets that our executive team members have.

First, let’s meet Snowball! Snowball is Sam’s lovely dog and his favourite snack is Dental Chews! A fun fact about Snowball is that he spins around in circles whenever he’s happy :)

That is all for August/September!

Please do not hesitate to contact our executive team if you have any questions or concerns.

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